I was born in 1967. The same year Che was assasinated, the 6 Day War broke out and Cassius Clay refused to go to the Vietnam War…, it was definitely a turbulent year.

I started working at the age of 17. I combined my college studies working hard to pay for my studies, my beers, and two of my greatest hobbies; riding motorcycles and traveling with my backpack around the world.

I got a Master degree in Economics & Acturial Science at the University of Barcelona and after sixteen years working in large multinationals I quit my career in the financial industry to set up ALMOGÀVER. A bunch of circumstances and coincidences took me in 2001 to a microbrewery in northern California (USA) where I tried for the first time a real beer, a drink of which I discovered, bewildered and amazed, that I knew very little. I was back to Barcelona hoping to find a similar beer but it was a vain search. Anyway nothing would ever be the same again, the ALMOGAVER seed was already planted. I am the General Manager or, in other words, the One-man Band of the company; my job is to do ‘whatever’ to make things work.