You are a hero when you say no to what you
do not like, to stereotypes, to what you are
forced to do, to hypocrisy; a hero when you
say no to injustices and act accordingly.
A hero when you do not shut up but you talk,
when instead of going into a trance you shout,
when you do not settle. When you play with grey
colors instead of black and white, when you do
not follow the established path and take a risk
in order to find out which is your way.
You are a hero when you say yes in searching for
the truth, to well-done things, to set your pace,
whatever it is; when you explore the unexplored,
when you smile because you want to.
A hero when yes a synonym for passion,
beating and fighting; a hero when you think
that even if we are told the opposite, things
can be different.
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