I was born in 1981, the year of the deaths of Bob Marley and Bobby Sands. Who said: Let’s start well? Mah…

After a few years as a “passionate amateur” of beer (craft and industrial) I decide to professionalize a little my passion for everything that contains alcohol, thinking it is right that everyone should be able to try, at least once in life, to dedicate themselves to what they really like. First, I even studied a bit. In fact, in 2006, I graduated in Food Science and Technology, specializing in Cereals and Derivatives. I started working a bit everywhere, basically in the scientific departments of various factories in Italy until a lucky stroke helps me winning a scholarship at the IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) in Edinburgh (Scotland), which was exactly what I wanted most at the time, because one thing was to make beer or spirits at home and another is having the opportunity to study in one of the most iconic and traditional places on the planet.

I am the head brewer of Almogaver, the architect of your emotions!